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Learn About the Newest Cal-PASS Plus Tools Available to Help Guide District Leaders 

Cal-PASS Plus has developed a series of new tools to help educational leaders understand how well their students are performing over time. Using data that tracks students’ progress longitudinally, the tools will assist you with:
  • Better understanding the impact to students when they take algebra before high school
  • Learning how successful each high school’s graduates are in their first year of college
  • Measuring the success of each high school’s foster youth students once they are in college
Understanding how students in your system are performing over time can assist with making improvements to planning high school to college transitions and decision-making. Below is a summary of each new tool in Cal-PASS Plus. 

NEW TOOL: Understanding the Impact of Algebra before High School
Do my students succeed in completing a key math momentum point prior to high school? 
The new Pre-High School Algebra Impact dashboard on Cal-PASS Plus provides a closer look at early math performance and enrollment rates and shows some evidence of predictability, across subgroups, of later high school performance. The tool helps California school district leaders get access to data findings that determine the relationship between a student’s access to early math and downstream success. This tool looks specifically at how the factors of access, enrollment and passing pre-high school algebra are correlated to a students’ high school academic performance, both overall and in STEM courses exclusively. Explore the new Pre-High School Algebra tool!

The new tool helps identify the correlation between access to algebra before high school and downstream success. 

NEW TOOL: University Transition Report

How successful are my first-year university students?

The University Transition Report tool was released in July 2019 to provide actionable data highlighting student pathways leading up to university enrollment and subsequent success in first year academic trends. This tool is important for helping school district leaders determine how well their recent graduates are performing in postsecondary education. View the tool.

Cal-PASS Plus member institutions include around 50% of all CSU and UC universities. 

COMING SOON: Foster Youth Dashboards

Community College Foster Youth Dashboard 

Are my foster youth students being supported and succeeding in community college? 
The Community College Foster Youth dashboard on Cal-PASS Plus will soon be updated to display even more metrics related to foster youth students’ performance within the California community college system. This tool is essential to helping determine whether foster youth graduating from high school are successful in their transition to postsecondary, and whether critical supports are continuing them into college. Explore the newly updated dashboard at the end of May 2020!

9th-14th Foster Youth Dashboard 

How are foster youth students performing in K12 and how are they transitioning into post-secondary education? 


Coming soon to Cal-PASS Plus is a new 9th-14th Foster Youth dashboard. This tool will provide members with the opportunity to view metrics related to foster youth students’ academic performance in high school as well as their enrollment, persistence, and achievement at community college. Stay tuned for the release of this new tool at the end of May 2020!