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New Video Explains the Benefits of Using Cal-PASS Plus

Cal-PASS Plus has released a new video explaining the benefits of the system and how school districts, higher education institutions and regional collaboratives across the state can use Cal-PASS Plus to help make data-informed decisions. The video features Joy Soares, College and Career Director at the Tulare County Office of Education and head of the Tulare-Kings College and Career Collaborative (TKCCC), discussing ways in which TKCCC is using Cal-PASS Plus in their region.

Across California, educational and workforce development leaders, Regional Learning Collaboratives, and their partners are using Cal-PASS Plus to:   
  • Inform better instruction, effective program design and curricular alignment
  • Identify scalable best practices along the education to workforce pipeline that propel students to long-term success
  • Support articulation agreements and collaborations across K-12 and higher education institutions
  • Help ensure successful education to workforce transitions and student attainment of living-wage jobs
  • Close achievement gaps and identify promising practices for doing so within all segments of education