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Note: The cohort view was released in 2020-21 as a prototype with feedback from the field integrated into the 2021-22 release. As part of the second 2021-22 release of the dashboard, first-year momentum metrics for evaluating college redesign efforts from the Guided Pathways dashboard have been brought into to the cohort view. If you have any comments or further feedback, please email
Data are displayed as darker bars when the timeframe allowed to meet the metric outcome is complete. In order to accommodate providing students who start in Spring the same opportunity to complete within a given amount of time, an additional year of data is needed to complete the timeframes. In the 2021-22 release, data are now displayed as lighter bars when the timeframe allowed to meet the metric outcome is not complete. The data for these first-time cohorts in later years with lighter bars will update over time as more years of data are incorporated.
If you have any questions or feedback, please email
Guided Pathways dashboard (no longer updated with data after 2019-20 with integration of metrics into the SSM Cohort View)
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