Career & Technical Education Outcomes Survey

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College or Region: Academic Year Cohort Programs

  • Responses
  • Education
  • Employment Status
  • Employment Changes
  • Response Rate




    Disabled Students

    Limited English Proficiency

  • Units earned


    Primary reason students studied at the college

    Satisfaction with the education and training received at the college

    Reason students are not taking as many classes as in previous year

    Multiple responses allowed so totals may exceed 100%

    What students did after completing coursework

    Multiple responses allowed so totals may exceed 100%

    Use of career services

    Internship or work-based learning experience

    Transfer pathway

    Two year or four year college or university

    Third party credentials

  • Impact of coursework on employment

    Multiple responses allowed so totals may exceed 100%

    Current employment status

    Length of current employment

    Relationship of current job to field of study

    Job search outcomes

    Length of job search

    Seeking to change field

  • Program of study

    Industry of Current Job

    Employment before college

    Hours worked before coursework

    Hours worked after coursework

    Change in work hours

    Job permanence before coursework

    Job permanence after coursework

    Change in job permanence

    Average hourly wages before coursework

    Average hourly wages after coursework

    Change in wages

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