Note: this is a demo page that includes information on ten program areas at four different colleges. More complete program information is included in individual college reports.

To get a picture of the scale, success, and labor market alignment of program areas, first indicate a specific program area and year using the drop down menus and hit the “refresh” button. Then, click on the down arrow by each of the headers to see related data points. Beginning in Fall 2014, colleges will also be able to upload specific groups of ten or more students (such as participants in a grant-funded activity) to see their outcomes.

Each metric compares data from specific years to a five year average to analyze trends. The trend arrows on the right for each data point show whether figures are increasing, decreasing, or remaining constant. You can also see results disaggregated by student characteristics by clicking the arrow to the left of each data point.



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Academic Year

  • Enrollments
  • Capacity
  • Support
  • CTE Program Persistence
  • Milestones
  • Alignment
  • Credentials
  • Employment
  • Regional Labor Market Information