LaunchBoard Feedback Survey

Thank you for giving your feedback about the LaunchBoard. Your responses will be incorporated into planning efforts for ways to improve existing features and identify possible new components to include.

Your Role

Which of the following best describes your role with community colleges (please select all that apply):


Are the categories in which the metrics are grouped clear (e.g., enrollments, milestones, completion)?:
Is the nested structure, which allows you to click the down arrow for more information, useful so as to focus on specific metrics?:
Are the colored up/down arrows helpful to quickly see trends in the metrics?:
Are there other metrics you wish were included?:
Are there other disaggregation factors (e.g., gender, ethnicity, age) you wish were included?:

Common Metrics

Are you likely to upload data to support local processes, beyond fulfilling requirements for Doing What Matters braided funding?:

Event Manager

Are you likely to use this tool to measure outcomes for contract education and other not-for-credit students?: