About The LaunchBoard

The CTE LaunchBoard, a statewide data system supported by the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office and hosted by Cal-PASS Plus, provides data to California community colleges and their feeder K-12 school districts on the effectiveness of CTE programs. This information is intended to facilitate local, regional and statewide conversations about how to improve student transitions from K-12 to college and on to the workforce.

High-level measures of student success—such as achievement of certificates, associate’s degrees, and transfer—do not provide sufficient information for community colleges to assess their impact on workforce development and helping students to acquire living-wage jobs. More detailed information is necessary for practitioners to understand how well they are aligned to the needs of students, other educational segments, and regional industry demands. Furthermore, in order to better document how community colleges contribute to regional economies, support worker retraining, and raise the earning potential of students, additional metrics need to be collected and used to inform program improvement. In particular, information is needed on:

  • Student characteristics, progress, and completion
  • Student performance in related programs in K-12 and four-year institutions
  • Wage data and other employment outcomes like job retention
  • Labor market information from EMSI
  • Attainment of low-unit certificates and industry certifications
  • Whether CTE programs are aligned with and meet labor market demand

What Does the LaunchBoard Include?
The LaunchBoard includes several tools to support collecting and viewing information on student outcomes in CTE.

Program Snapshot - includes program information and student outcomes that are grouped into categories such as enrollments, milestones, credentials, employment, and alignment with regional labor market demand

Common Metrics - enables colleges to upload and view information on 34 indicators used to track progress on the California Community College Chancellor’s Office’s Doing What Matters framework

Additional Tracking - allows colleges to gather information on contract education participants