Current Projects

The Cal-PASS Plus team is involved in a number of statewide projects that will provide additional resources to education in our state.  This page contains a summary of some of these projects.

The Multiple Measures Assessment Project
The Multiple Measures Assessment Project is a collaborative effort led by Cal-PASS Plus and the RP Group, with support from the CCCCO to build a data warehouse, analytic tools and a communications strategy to support California Community Colleges (CCC) in implementing multiple measures of assessment for course placement.
The Multiple Measures Assessment Project includes the development of a secure, large and robust data warehouse that collects, stores and analyzes multiple measures, including high school transcript and test data. This data warehouse also includes MIS and placement test data for each community college.
Existing research will be leveraged to identify, analyze and validate known multiple measures data points. Also, predictive analytic software will be utilized to identify new data points that can serve as effective multiple measures.
Currently, ten pilot colleges are assisting in development of the analytic tools and user interface that will accompany the data warehouse. They will test the tools and models using local college data supplied through the data warehouse. Their efforts will inform other key initiatives and programs, including the development of a Common Assessment System for the California Community College System.

Draft FAQ for Pilot Colleges
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Common Assessment Initiative
Butte-Glenn Community College District (Butte), in partnership with San Joaquin Delta College (SJDC), Saddleback Community College (Saddleback), the California Partnership for Achieving Student Success (Cal-PASS Plus), and the Academic Senate, will collaborate to develop a comprehensive, common assessment system that utilizes multiple measures of placement and contains informational, test preparation, test delivery, test administration, data collection, and placement guidance and research. The Common Assessment System (CAS) will be developed to reduce remediation rates and provide statewide efficiencies for the placement process.

The CAI will widely engage faculty and community college leaders in the development of assessments, the testing platform, the student and faculty interface and related products and tools as part of the initiative.  Pilot colleges will also be engaged throughout the development of the CAI to gain local user input and direction, as well as provide key data for validating the effectiveness of the assessment instruments.
The CAS will be developed in four phases: 
Development, Pilot, Implementation, and Maintenance. The pilot will begin for placement for Fall 2015 and full implementation will occur the following year.
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CTE LaunchBoard
The LaunchBoard is a Career Technical Education (CTE) data resource, provided by Cal-PASS Plus in partnership with the CCCCO and the RP Group. It offers centralized information about the success of CTE programs in California Community Colleges and their K-12 feeder schools.
This platform aggregates and organizes information about student achievement, the labor market, and CTE Outcomes from numerous existing data systems, such as the Community College DataMart, and also includes other data points regarding student performance from the Cal-PASS Plus system. It is designed to launch conversations among faculty and deans, across the state, within regions, and between practitioners across the state.
This platform also emphasizes metrics that help practitioners dig deeper in to data to understand the effectiveness of programs and illuminates student outcomes, such as making explicit links from education to wage gains and employment.
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Deeper Learning
Cal-PASS Plus, in collaboration with a variety of stakeholders, is currently developing comprehensive research-based tools, including a success factor framework, to support educators in the specific application of Deeper Learning strategies as a key component to effective teaching. The need for such a tool has increased with the implementation of Common Core State Standards (CCSS), which focus on cultivating many of the core skills critical to achieve Deeper Learning for success in college and career.
We are currently in the process of identifying, analyzing, and collecting evidence of successful practices from higher-performing academic institutions that use Deeper Learning strategies. Ultimately, the best practices learned from these efforts will support the development of tools for educators. These tools will assist in fostering the full range of student achievement while supporting a successful implementation of CCSS.
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Financial Aid Dashboard
Cal-PASS Plus is currently developing a system of data, platform and corresponding user tools to support faculty, staff, and practitioners by providing longitudinal data about student outcomes as linked to financial aid and support services.
Similar to the CTE LaunchBoard, the Financial Aid dashboard will aggregate disparate data sources across all institutions and link student level records to show progress of students into college, completion of degrees, certificates and transfers, and successful employment and wage gain. 
Specifically, the dashboard will provide outcome data for all Cal-PASS Plus participating school districts and colleges organized into key areas of student success. This will allow educators to assess if students are meeting desired academic outcomes - and the relationship of these outcomes to financial aid and support services.
Foster Youth Data Dashboard
Cal-PASS Plus, in partnership with the California College Pathways Initiative, are currently developing a system of data, platform and corresponding user tools to support the foster youth advocacy and education community.
The foster youth data dashboard will support the identification of schools, systems and geographic regions within California that are showing positive educational outcomes for foster youth. Users will be able to obtain key information in one easy-to-access, online tool to analyze and take action on key metrics and data points.
This effort will support educators and experts in the field. Also, advocates at local and state levels will have access to more accurate and timely information about the resources and programs available to foster youth. Ultimately, foster youth across the state will be better served as actionable data allows educators, experts, and advocates to make appropriate decisions regarding the support programs and services for California’s foster youth.

If you have questions about any of these projects, email the Cal-PASS Plus Help Desk and we'll connect you with the appropriate staff member.