Getting Started

How can I start or become involved in a Regional Learning Collaborative?

• Identify an issue-sometimes the burning question doesn’t come right away, but reflection and discussion around themes will help identify what your region might be able to see and do. Some suggested topics:

• Improve academic achievement
• Increase awareness of critical momentum points in educational segments
• Determine the effectiveness of curriculum materials and instructional practices • Close the achievement gap
• Improve student transitions • Increase college readiness and success
• Facilitate the replication of best practices found in higher performing K-12 schools, community colleges, or four-year colleges and universities

• Determine who you think should come to the table (from your own institution as well as partners). Nothing needs to be set in stone and your membership may grow or change. Consider the following:

• At what level do you plan to do the work?
• Who can affect the change you are hoping to see?
• Who would be instrumental in bringing all the right people to the table?
• Who will benefit from the discussion?
• Who are the local experts in the field?
• Reach out to CPP to see if regional partners are members of Cal-PASS Plus, what their MOU and sharing agreements are, and whether or not they have current data in the CPP system.

• Explore RLC exemplars take a look at the Cal-PASS Plus website to see what is going on in other regions across the state.

• Outreach to partners, CPP, have an exploratory meeting, and begin action planning you may find your question changes, or you get more perspectives, or you have some work to do!

If you would like more information about joining or creating a Regional Learning Collaborative, please contact please contact:

General Regional Learning Collaborative mailbox